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Buy top crafts directly from the artisans, directly from Peru
About Us

Welcome to Directly from Peru!

This idea began a long time ago, while guiding and looking and learning the craft making techniques in the aboutus1.jpghomes of the producers.

There are many things that we learn mostly by doing them with the experts!

I saw the efforts and the art of the different craft people, their homes and their children learning from the early ages while exporters and tourists would buy their different items.

Exporters tend to buy the cheap items to sell them 1000% more expensive in the foreign countries and therefore they would not buy the best art pieces, just the cheapest and mass produced.

Tourists have the chance to see the artisans making the crafts and can choose to buy not only the cheap pieces but also the fine art pieces, because they learned to apreciate more about the art pieces and the work involved in creating them

aboutus2.jpgIf most people buy the cheap products, then the craft people feel and make mostly the cheap products and stop being creative and therefore our quality gets low.

The solution was to try to make aware the world that there is a wide range of pieces for all budgets and tastes.

So when Max arrived one evening into my office in Huancayo asking me if he could help working for me,  my question was, well, sure but what do you do???

He said he was a Harvard student of Economics!

Well, I said there is a little idea we can work together… I explained the idea to him and after some days of talking and visiting the craft villages we started this Web site that now is for you to enjoy and use.

We are just starting; we welcome your opinions and suggestions.

Welcome to Directly from Peru!!!

What is the difference to the other exporting groups???

We want to offer you the opportunity to buy your Peruvian Crafts as if you were in Peru. The ways of shopping are divided in:

a)  Directly  from the Craft Villages: you get the items from the artisan to your home, they are divided in fine art pieces and standard pieces.

b) We also offer to you the opportunity to buy from Peruvian Markets that collect a lot of items. We have fine and standard pieces.

Please take a look to our web site and hopefully you will find it fun and interesting

Sincerely: Lucho Hurtado




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